Outfit: In the end it is beauty that is going to save the world

I have just returned from a weekend spent by a bonfire in a forest, soaked with pine smoke and surrounded by friends old and new, while moments quickly flew by and at the same time seemed to keep lingering on in the balmy air. I love singing and laughing and sharing stories with other people while in the wild. I'm not big on large gatherings nor do I exactly enjoy nights at a noisy club anymore. But this? Learning new songs, opening my throat and heart, sharing whatever bits of knowledge I've gathered through the last 10 years with people who are on the same path -- if there is beauty in this life, this is where I see it shine. I never forget how much it makes me feel alive. I only forget how much I need it. When I remember it though, it's so intense! I sincerely believe that it is through this kind of little encounters with beauty that we grow in our lives.

thrifted dress, sweater, old oxfords and purse and beret, Good Looking Objects necklace (on sale!)

I'm wearing a thrifted dress, sweater, old oxfords and purse and beret, Good Looking Objects necklace (on sale!).

Photos by Bartek.


Outfit: Witchy ways

Just as summer means adventures for me in the real, tangible world, autumn means journeys on other levels. It means stories written and told, it means imagination running wild and extraordinary thoughts taking form. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it on the blog, but I used to be very much into esotheric knowledge when I was younger. I guess growing up immersed in folk tales and imagining fairies hidden behind every rock on your path can do that to you when you grow up a little. I would read every book about the subject I could put my hands on: fairytales, fantasy, even some practical magic handbooks. Still when I was a kid, I received a marvelous gift in the form of a book on divination --a heavy tome that to this day sits on my shelf, falling apart after years of constant re-reading. My interest waxed and waned through the years, and it now mostly lingers half-forgotten in the depths of my mind. Although I still own a small library focusing on everything that is magical in this world, the most used cards in my house are those I play patience with and all my old 'grimoires' gather dust. I will occasionally open the bag with my tarot deck, just to see if that old bastard is still as talkative as he used to be.

Still, autumn brings back memories and opens eyes to possibilities, and especially on grey and rainy days it makes me feel magic in the air.

dress c/o VipShop, thrifted vintage boots and backpack, old cardigan (similar) and necklace, thrifted scarf

Come to think of it, in a way, you could say that as my iterests shifted, style has become my belief system. It's a thing that turned out to be a strong support and a line of defense. As such, I know it can morph into many images --and there are certain kinds of clothes that will always feel a little more extraordinary than others. Wearing this dress, I couldn't help but feel a little magical again. There is something mysterious about the way the light plays on this fabric, shining softly on the folds as I move, as if some fairy dust sat there on the surface. When I was ordering from VipShop, I thought it would be a nice, albeit simple black dress to wear easily with a denim jacket and a pair of boots. What I received far surpassed my expectations. The fabric of this dress is lightweight viscose with nylon, it's silky to touch and almost opalescent without being over the top in any way. When I first wore it on a warmer day, simply with a pair of loafers, two independent people commented on how magical it looked. Perhaps then, this is the perfect Halloween dress! It can turn you into a witch or a sorceress without you even trying.

P.S. I have a message from my sponsor for today, VipShop.
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I'm wearing a dress c/o VipShop, thrifted vintage boots and backpack, old cardigan (similar) and necklace, thrifted scarf.

Photos by Bartek.


Remix: How to wear a bottle green pencil skirt

Outfit: An Excited Sort of Beetle

It's weird that I don't wear more pencil skirts because this one is in my top three favorite skirts ever. I've had it since even before writing this blog --it was a thrift find and it went through a lot with me. It used to be straight in shape but I didn't like that so once I figured out how to use a sewing machine, I decided to turn it into a pencil skirt by sewing the sides together at an angle. I actually did a very poor job at that and after a while, the hem started to ripple and look frumpy. It took me a while to convince myself that it was ok to shorten it in order to fix that problem, but once I did, It occured to me that it didn't only look better on its own, it also looked better on me! Again, photos proved to me that whenever I go for shorter lengths rather than longer ones, I look more like myself. Still, even being short, the skirt remains pretty elegant. Its shade of green and the fact that it's made out of nicely soft wool with slight nap make it so much different from the official pencil skirts that I cant's help but associate with office or corporate uniforms that instill great dread in me. I should find a similar type of fabric and make a similar skirt to switch between.

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