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I'm still on vacation in Italy now and since I'm having some problems with downloading photos from the camera (temporarily I hope!), please enjoy this post about a person that I may not ever know personally but she is an important everyday actor in my life nonetheless.

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One of the first personal style blogs I started following was Delightfully Tacky. Its author, Elizabeth, is an exceptional woman showing us around her life in a beautiful and, most importantly to me, very sincere way. 

The things thad had first driven me to her blog were her original outfits and photos, of course, but I stayed because of her gentle and considerate personality that shines through her writing. A small  and very subjective selection of her outfits you can see here but I recommend you take a plunge into the massive archives of this almost 7 years old blog, full of great inspiration and dynamic development. 

I believe I first stumbled upon Delightfully Tacky about three years ago and she has been changing her colours over time in a way that I think is consistent with how she has been choosing her life path. From the more boho styles that evolved during her 3 months long roadtrip, to the very girly and sweet outfits based mostly on dresses and patterned blouses and cardis from the time she's settled down and then to more modern and extravagant clothes of today, she's always been exciting to watch and I hope I get to watch her for many years to come. 

That said, it's not only the clothes that are the content of her blog. She tackles a lot of different subjects, be it food recipes, home decor, DIY or style advice (love this post on mixing prints! I've been coming back to it loads of times). What I've been appreciating the most in her recent writing were posts in which she opens up about her outlook on life, society and ways we deal with other people. She tackles such sensitive topics as responding to vulnerability, switching from the Pill to fertility awareness and learning, sucking and being honest about it. Actually, just read the whole Life section of the blog. It's a heap of great food for thought. 

Life has been swallowing her more lately, it seems, as she's been posting less but to me, that just makes waiting for the next post all the more exciting. So hop on to this big-haired beauty's blog and spend an afternoon or two (or a week or three) exploring her adventures.

All photos (C) to Elizabeth Morrow of Delightfully Tacky.

I also sewed a skirt #2.

This is just a quick post to let you know that tomorrow morning we're taking a plane and going to beautiful eternal city of Rome! And that was also a logical reason for a new skirt, especially for a midium length circle skirt. You know, Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday and all that. I had this polka dot cotton laying around and I'd wanted to make a dress out of it but then I saw it was wide enough for a midi circle skirt and since I loved making the red plaid half circle skirt so much, I decided it was time for my first full circle skirt and here it is. Glorious.

It was simple enough, very quick to sew and I must add that I sewed my first in seam pockets ever! And now that I know how to do it, I think most of my dresses will have them. Another new thing I did, and I'm trying to get to know new things with every piece that I sew, was hemming by hand with a bias tape instedad of machine stitched double fold which I usually make. The result is lovely but you can't really see it in the photos because they were taken before I actually did the hemming (I'll photograph it for you later). Any garment sewn of bias has to be hung for a day or two (perferably a week but I didn't have that long) to let the gravity do its work on the fibers. After the fabric droops, you have to even out the hem and only then you can finish it. You can do the hanging on your mannequin or a hanger or you can simply wear the garment if the fabric isn't prone to ripping! I did.

Skirt: made it myself 
Blouse: second hand
Cardigan: Top Secret, old
Belt: Troll
Scarf: Second hand
Flats: Tamatris via Ambra
Photos by my Mum.

I sewed a skirt #1

So far I made a few dresses and a copule of tops (which I haven't shown yet but the time shall come that I do) and since I've been moaning about having a plaid skirt for months now, it was high time I sewed one. So I did. As soon as we came back from our little autumn vacation, I sat down to my machine and made this lovely number.

It's funny how much thinking sewing involves. I mean, it took me a good few hours to decide what shape I wanted this skirt to have. Would it be gathered or pleated or circle? Short or midium length? If it were a midi, would it hit just below the knee or lower? I was googling all of those questions like mad and it actually made me realise how much the length and shape of a piece of clothing make you associate it with certain times and themes. 

So, imagine I made a skirt out of this fabric that was short and pleated. Nineties much? Pop-punk naughty teens in heavy shoes and ripped tights, drinking beer in a park and swearing while you pass them by, feeling like you've just been touched by another universe, even though you're wearing the same said heavy shoes and also like heavy music but probably are wearing a pair of black jeans and a band tee yourself. Don't judge me, that was my reality about 15 years ago! I wouldn't have been able to even imagine myself wearing that short skirt back then. I can now and that's why I abruptly decided against it.

I like my current reality better and I acutally love how in-between the 50s and the 70s this skirt came out. It's a half circle, very simple, nothing fancy besides the bold length of mid-calf that I'm really liking even though I was sure it would look horrible on me (my calves are very lovely but pretty muscular which I attribute to the heavy shoes worn non-stop in my youth). This whole outfit os very boho I think and I do feel good in this style in autumn.

Skirt: made it myself
Pattern: half circle skirt, made using this helpful circle skirt app
Fabric: thrifted
Sweater: made by my Grandma ages ago, a hand me down I received this year
Velvet shirt: second hand
Scarf: Voegele
Boots: they're nn and I can't remember where I bought them!
Photos by my Mum.

Last days

Last days of out Autumn vacation we spent on long rides through the country, just looking at the beautiful landscapes and soaking in the light and colours.

By the way, if you think I'm wearing these boots too much then you're right because I am. But I actually like them so much that I don't care. I want to live in them. So comfy! My brittle little feet love them because they didn't get all smashed and bloody in the first days of wearing them. So they automatically became a Fall favourite.

Also this dress has been getting a lot of wear since I bought it this summer. It's very versatile because it's such a simple and basic piece. I'm going to make a remix post with it soon.

Ostatnie dni naszego jesiennego urlopu spędziliśmy na długich samochodowych wycieczkach, podziwianiu krajobrazu i wchłanianiu kolorów.

Aha, jeśli uważacie, że noszę te buty zbyt często, to macie rację, bo tak właśnie jest. Ale zupełnie mnie to nie obchodzi, bo są tak wygodne, że chcę w nich zamieszkać. Moje przeraźliwie delikatne stopy je kochają, bo ich nie obtarły.

Tę czarną sukienkę też już pokazywałam wiele razy i niedługo zrobię z nią remiksowego posta, bo bardzo fajnie się ją nosi w najrozmaitszych kombinacjach.

Dress: Camaieu
Blouse: Camaieu
Belt: Troll
Tights: old
Boots: Wojas

The idea behind

As you have probably noticed by now, I don't write much about clothes, unless I sew them myself. I don't really talk about what I'm wearing, how I got it and how much it cost. I can appreciate when other bloggers do this but I don't feel competent enough myself to appraise value of clothes in terms of being trendy or in current aesthetics or being of favourable colour etc. I can only evaluate their personal worth to me. And that I prefer to show in the photos instead of in writing.

Clothes --or rather: being dressed --are important to me, though. They let me express myself, the way I feel everyday, they hold stories and memories. I feel pretty and confident in the outfits that I choose for myself. Dressing up is almost a kind of therapy for me: it allows me to like myself more, feel less serious about me and more confident when I interact with my environment. It also simply makes me happy when I know that my outfit is pretty and aesthetically pleasing.

Experimenting with clothes, putting them together in various compositions, is a good excersise for me that I like to think of as of a puzzle. I really like remixing and I like to think of it as of my own silent commentary on how our society treats everyday items, clothes included, as disposable.

All in all, I would like my posts to show you more of who I am an how I perceive my clothes than to show you the clothes per se. It's more about mixing colours and patterns and fabrics and styles than enumerating and evaluating what I'm wearing.

Jak pewnie zdążyliście zauważyć, nie piszę wiele o ubraniach, o ile nie wychodzą spod mojej własnej ręki - a wtedy piszę raczej o procesie powstawania niż o samym ciuchu. To dlatego, że nie czuję się kompetentna, by pisać o ubraniach w kategoriach trendów, modnych kolorów i fasonów i tak dalej. Wiele bogerek opisuje z pasją swoje ubraniowe zdobycze pod takim kątem i podziwiam ich zaangażowanie - sama tak nei potrafię. Wolę, by zamiast słów, o moich ubraniach mówiły zdjęcia i swoim klimatem przekazywały to, co sama czuję, wybierając każdy z zestawów.

Nie znaczy to, że ubrania nie są dla mnie ważne. Przeciwnie, uważam, że zajmują poczesne i zasłużone miejsce w moim życiu. Pozwalają mi wyrazić siebie, swój nastrój i emocje. Pomagają mi czuć się pewnie, ładnie i może grają w tej sposób rolę odrobinę terapeutyczną. A zupełnie zwyczajnie - dzięki ładnym ubraniom czuję się przyjemnie w codziennym życiu.

Lubię też remiksować ubrania. To dla mnie rodzaj miłej łamigłówki i po cichu uważam to też za mój niemy komentarz na temat tego, że w naszym społeczeństwie wiele przedmiotów, w tym ubrań, traktowanych jest jednorazowo.

Chciałabym, żeby moje posty, poprzez zdjęcia, odzwierciedlały to, jak się czuję w swoich ubraniach, a nie same ubrania. Idea łączenia kolorów, wzorów i tkanin bardziej do mnie przemawia niż opisywanie i ocenianie każdego elementu garderoby z osobna.

Dress: second hand/Atmosphere
Cardigan: Holy Rags vintage shop/Only
Belt: Troll
Scarf: no name
Boots: Wojas

Coming back to nature

As the first part of our vacation is comming to an end, I try to focus on the beautiful elements that surround me. We're now in Opolskie Voivodship and I love the country here with its vast plains and rich fields and tree tunnels and sunlit forests. It is different from what I know so well, being mentally close to the mountains my whole life and spending almost all of my summer holidays in my Grandparents' house in Beskid Mountains. There, the terrain is sharp and seems very close to you. Here, the fields are rolling around and you can see far into the land.

I've always felt a close connection to nature and have often sought --and found --peace among it. I was brought up in the outskirts of a big city and its constant hum has always been with me, both somewhat unnoticed and bothering at the same time. But the nature and wilderness were at a hand's reach and I've often turned to them. Being raised that way, going on daily walks in the wastelands not far from my house, meant I will crave such surroundings as an adult. I literally relax when I'm in the forest. The deeper I go, the better I feel. The more I get scratched by all the small branches and wild berry bushes in the thicket, the more spiders I meet along the way and the more mushrooms I pick, the more comfortable and at peace I am. Living where we live now, in the middle of the city, has drained me, and this small escapade here is slowly filling me back up with life.

Sorry for such great amount of photos in this post. I prefer to cut it down as much as possible, not to bore you with too many similar angles that bring nothing to the story that I'm trying to tell with my pictures. I guess when it comes to blogging about style, my approach is to show you how I *feel* more than how I look precisely, but this is a topic for another post. This time I had a hard time choosing the right photos because they all had this amazingly beautiful light in them. We took them at different times during our hike but the light in the forests here is astonishing and really differs from what I know from my own part of the land in the mountains.

Minęła pierwsza połowa naszego pobytu na jesiennych wakacjach i staram się teraz jak najmocniej skoncentrować na pięknie, które mnie otacza. Jesteśmy teraz w opolskiem i wszystko jest tu odmienne od tego, co znam najlepiej - od krajobrazu Beskidów. Tam wszystko jest bliskie, przytulne i twarde, tutaj jest przestronnie, lekko i płynnie. Krajobraz roztacza się szeroko, łagodnie, pola przelewają się między sobą, a drzewne tunele wzdłuż dróg przetwarzają światło jak nigdzie indziej. 

Zawsze czułam wielką bliskość do natury i pozostawanie w niej jest dla mnie bardzo ważne. Znajduję spokój wśród lasów, a im głębiej zapuszczam się w zarośla, im bardziej drapią mnie gałęzie i kolce, im więcej pajęczyn mam we włosach i im więcej grzybów w koszyku - tym jestem szczęśliwsza. Mieszkamy teraz w środku ruchliwego miasta i zmęczyło mnie to odcięcie od przyrody. Wychowałam się w pobliżu dzikich pól i nieużytków, niezagospodarowanych przestrzeni tuż pod Warszawą. Codzienne spacery w tych odosobnionych okolicach były czymś zarówno zwyczajnym i miłym, jak i przywracającym harmonię. Teraz potrzebuję ich tak samo jak dawniej, ale trudniej mi o ich regularność zadbać. Dlatego cieszę się tą naszą krótką eskapadą i czerpię z niej ile mogę. 

Tak na marginesie, przepraszam, że tym razem tak dużo tu zdjęć. Zwykle staram się wybrać ich jak najmniej, za to jak najbardziej różnorodne, by nie przegadać i nie znudzić podobnymi ujęciami i pozami. Lubię, kiedy te fotograficzne opowieści, które tu przekazuję, są jak najbardziej różnorodne. W zasadzie bardziej zależy mi na tym, by przekazać jakieś wrażenie i klimat niż perfekcyjnie oddać szczegóły ubrań, które mam na sobie - ale to temat na osobną notkę. Tym razem tak bardzo spodobało mi się światło w zdjęciach, że nie umiałam wybrać ich mniej. Świetlistość i lekkość barw w tutejszych mieszanych lasach są zupełnie inne niż te, które znam z gór - gdzie wśród jodeł i świerków jest mrocznie i ciężko.

Scarf: old, from Voegele
Belt: Troll
Tights: old
Boots: Wojas
Photos by my boyfriend, the Fish.

Inspiration Thursday: Northcott Fabrics

I've come across Northcott fabrics by chance and fell in love at first sight. Their fabrics are designed for quilting and while I'm not into that and probably never will, I can see myself wearing their lovely designs as clothes. 

They do this sort of dreamy, earth-coloured cotton that I find very personally fitting. I like the soulful darkness and the earthliness of the designs, if that makes sense. They've got the most amazing patterns like the ones pictured in the first row, then some simple yet elegant designs like dots and lines and tweed-inspired herring bone that I included in the second row, and then the absolutely mind blowing abstract and organic compositions based on colour and resembling marble or stone or something I can't quite place but it brings microorganisms and the beginning of all life to my mind. I'm absolutely in love in each and every one of their fabrics. I adore how saturated the colours are and how those marble-like prints are almost solids but not quite, and then some. A lovely thing is that some of them are in part metallic. 

I feel inspired  and even deeply moved each and every time I look at those fabrics. I think if I were to make a dress or a blouse out of one of those cottons, it would be a very, very personal and special piece of clothing for me.

Na tkaniny bawełniane Northcott trafiłam przypadkiem i zakochałam się od pierwszego wejrzenia. Ich bawełna projektowana jest do quiltingu/patchworku, ale jako że tym się akurat nie zajmuję, widzę ją raczej jako materiał na ubrania.

Zespół Northcott projektuje niezwykle zmysłowe wzory w kolorach najbliższych ziemi, które niezmiernie mi odpowiadają. Gdybym miała opisać własnymi słowami to, jak widzę te wzory, to musiałabym powiedzieć, że są głębokie, pełne uczucia i właśnie ziemiste. Przywodzą mi na myśl pierwotne organizmy, zapach lasu i podskórne rytmy ziemi. Ich kolekcje są bardzo różnorodne i rozciągają się od pięknych, szczegółowych wzorów, przez proste desenie, aż do abstrakcyjnych kompozycji przypominających strukturę kamienia. Bardzo podoba mi się mocne nasycenie kolorów i to, że marmurkowe tła są prawie jednolite, ale jednak wcale nie, i to jest w nich bardzo pociągające. Część kolekcji wychodzi również z metalicznym wykończeniem, które musi wyglądać obłędnie na żywo, w ruchu. 

Oglądanie tych wzorów bardzo mnie inspiruje i porusza. Myślę, że gdybym miała możliwość uszycia sukienki albo bluzki z którejś z tej bawełny, to byłby to dla mnie bardzo osobisty i wyjątkowy uszytek.

Taking a deep breath


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We desperately needed a vacation for a long time now. Finally, we packed our things, dog included, sent cats to my Mum and left for my boyfriend's parents.

Here we are now, taking in first moments of free time, soaking in sunshine and warm weather and making small trips to nearby forests and villages and towns, and generally trying to just chill the hell out and forget about the bustle of the big city we spend our everyday lives in.

The weather has been helpful in the process, it's so lovely and sunny outside we just want to get in the car and ride for miles only to stop at any place we find beautiful and then ramble and take photos and fall in love with the country.

Od dawna już potrzebowaliśmy wakacji. Ostatnie wolne dni mieliśmy w maju i czas do październikowego urlopu zdawał się ciągnąć w nieskończoność. Ale w końcu nadszedł ten dzień, kiedy odwieźliśmy koty do mojej Mamy, zapakowaliśmy kilka rzeczy i psa w samochód, i ruszyliśmy w stronę opolskiego na wypoczynek u rodziców mojego chłopaka, Ryby. 

 Jesteśmy tu więc i cieszymy się pierwszymi chwilami wolnego, wchłaniamy słońce i ciepło, i robimy małe wycieczki po okolicznych lasach, wioskach i miasteczkach. Najogólniej rzecz biorąc staramy się zacząć wypoczywać. Pogoda nam w tym pomaga, bo jest tak cudownie, że ciągnie nas na zewnątrz. Wsiadamy więc w samochód i jedziemy niemal bezludnymi drogami, aż trafimy w miejsce, które szczególnie nam się podoba, by powędrować po okolicy, porobić zdjęcia i zakochać się w widokach. 

Silk dress: Holy Rags vintage shop/French Connection 
Long cardi/coat: handmade by my Grandma, a hand-me-down 
Belt: Troll 
Scarf: found
Boots: Wojas
Photos by my boyfriend The Fish