Dear common flower

My post from yesterday about Virivee tights was but a prelude to today's outfit. Once I saw the dandelion print, it grabbed me and I easily succumbed. We weren't exchanging gifts for Christmas with my family this year (what a relief, really) and these were just a small end of the year present from me to me.

I'm not really sure how I'll be celebrating the New Year's Eve, what with all my friends insisting on having low key parties in pajamas and tracksuit pants. I honestly miss the earlier years of glamour and sequins and 1920s-themed parties' thrill but with none of those around, I may end up under my own covers, fast asleep. Or I may wear the most excessive outfit to one of those pajama parties and let no one judge me. After all, I believe we should all follow our own aesthetics. So who knows?

Wearing: a dress I made from vintage cotton flannel. Also wearing Virivee tights, old coat, scarf from Rossmann, thrifted cardigan, moon necklace, old ring, boots c/o Rosegal.

I took the photos myself.


Brand Spotlight: Virivee


Virivee is a brand born in Budapest, Hungary, specializing in tights. And when I say specializing, I mean being truly awesome and imaginative. If you have a need to carry a green garden with you everywhere you go, they have it. Want to be a mermaid? No problem, the golden scales are on menu. Have a friend to scare in the dark with a group of glowing ghosts? Up for it. Ot maybe just a pair of highly saturated ombre tights to add to a seriously stylish outfit? They carry those, of course, as well as a whole range of other designs, complete with space explorers and tiny monsters and origami birds.

Aside from this whole uniqueness, Virivee tights are hand-dyed and hand-printed locally in Budapest, and they are made with locally sourced materials. Always a huge plus in my book when I see a brand that cares about the ethical side of things.

On a side note, I think you can easily imagine how I squealed when I saw the dandelion print tights (and how promptly I added them to my basket). Now that the tights arrived, I'm impressed with their quality: they are very strong and super soft and I can't remember seeing a pair of tights looking this good that wasn't at the same time 100 den in a very long while. They are my Christmas present from me to me and I couldn't be happier about my choice.


The stars will not be in your favor

This dress pattern sure comes around. It's already the fourth I made for myself and I think I made two more for customers. Such a simple yet effective design: short sleeves and crew neck and I can add whatever style of skirt to it. This time I did not bother to line the dress as it was just a quick make. Luckily my serger did not bail on me this time. It's got everything a dress needs: pockets, a comfortably long zipper and it's made of black wool interwoven with shiny metallic threads. I'm actually thinking of adding this design to my own tiny line that I intend to sell in my store when it opens... What do you guys think? For further reference, here are some of the other dresses that I made: one for a lovely bridesmaid and one for me.

On a side note: boy, has my fringe gotten long! You almost can't see my eyes from beneath it! To be honest, it's becoming more and more annoying and high maintenance, especially in our current windy-rainy weather, and I'm kinda biting my elbow for the decision to get it at all. I would gladly snip it but I'm actually waiting for an appointment with a hairdresser in early January so I want to leave my hair be for now and we'll see how that appointment changes things...

Wearing: a dress I made from vintage wool fabric. Also wearing: old coat and cardigan, gifted belt, petitcoat and scarf, locally bought beret, neckace c/o Good Looking Objects and heels c/o SammyDress

Photos by myself.


Outfit inspirations with Sanrense

In the spring a year ago I came up with the idea of re-making my school outfit... only wearing stuff I never would have worn to school as a teenager! You can see that post here. While I don't think I'd re-wear it like this right now (I guess I'm coming to terms with my age), here's an iteration I thought of for colder seasons that I think I might pull off... or maybe not. But the items are so darn cute!

Oh, and by the way, I'm partnering with Sanrense today and chose these items straight from their site. You can buy anything from Sanrense with a 10% discount when you use code 'arobotheart' at checkout.


Late For Tea dress mod

I have recently had the pleasure to sew a dress for Asia who loved the idea of my Late For Tea dress but wanted to modify it a bit so that it suited her better. We decided to make a smaller neckline and wider shoulders and we got rid of the ties and the front pocket. She picked a beautiful plaid wool from my collection, a piece I've actually been holding on to for something of my own! But giving it to her was the best decision I could make. The dress is fully lined, the top is self-lined in part for a more elegant finish.

If you want to have your own Late For Tea dress --or one similar to it with some modifications --send me a message!

Miałam niedawno przyjemność uszyć sukienkę dla Asi. Spodobała jej się sukienka Spóźniona na herbatę, ale miała ochotę na drobne zmiany. Zdecydowałyśmy się zmniejszyć dekolt i poszerzyć ramiona, a przy tym zrezygnowałyśmy z wiązania i kieszeni z przodu. Wybrała sobie z mojej kolekcji piękną, cienką wełnę w kratę - kawałek, który właściwie przechowywałam dla siebie! Ale oddanie go Asi było naprawdę dobrą decyzją. Sukienka jest na pełnej podszewce, góra jest częściowo podszyta tym samym materiałem, co wierzch - to dla eleganckiego wykończenia.

Jeśli chcesz mieć własną sukienkę Spóźnioną na herbatę - albo podobną, z drobnymi zmianami - wyślij mi wiadomość!


The quiet of the day

I've been craving solitude lately and these holidays just fitted in so well. With my boyfriend gone to celebrate over at his parents' for a few days, I spend my moments idly, mostly doing nothing withot remorse. I'm singing a lot and wandering through my fields and forests for hours on end. Being solo suits me fine and I find comfort in not having to interact with anyone. It's like coming back to my own place in my head and in my heart, and remembering or perhaps re-learning what I like and want and need and am. There are things we all do because they're expected of us but they may not correspond to who we really are. I may have put on some pretty and elegant attire for Christmas Eve but weary legs in muddied shoes and shoulders tired from carrying a backpack are always going to be "me" more than anything. I like to sing and drink good coffee and watch teen dramas. I think about other people way too much and I get hopelessly lost daydreaming my life away. I need more structure but less restraint and self-imposed rules. I want a lot of time and space to feel alive. This is who I learn I am now, at this quiet time that I wish would not come to an end.

Maybe it's just the reflective nature of the end of the year but it's good to realize these thoughts. Have you had any end of the year revelations that you'd like to share?

I'm wearing: a dress I made from a self drafted pattern and from vintage corduroy. Also: Nightcrawler Goods pin (thank you for the extras, Ben!), old cardigan, hat knitted by Granny, thrifted coat and boots and backpack, necklace c/o Good Looking Objects, old scarf.

Photos by myself.


I made a cape

Sometime back, in May maybe, a friend chatted me up at a bonfire we were having and asked about my no-shopping pledge. I felt awkward. I always do when I find out my friends read my blog. Also my pledge totally fell through (and you can read about the results of that happening here). I mumbled something about a need to buy a coat crossing my plans in reply.

And somehow, that coat I never made got stuck with me. I mean, I could have made one, right? Well, I suppose I could. But the trouble with a coat is that I was afraid to make it without proper preparation. And if I wanted to make one at all, I would have wanted to make it out of some nice wool fabric and it's definitely no fun to ruin nice wool fabric in case I screwed up. So I was walking around with this damn coat stuck in the back of my head up until now. Then Burda 12/2016 issue appeared and they had a cape pattern in it. I paced around it for a bit and decided it was somewhat like an entry level coat: the function is pretty much the same but it's easier to make. And a cape brings to mind the likes of Red Riding Hood, so. You know that turns me on.

So I made a cape.

I especially like the little birds facing each other in the front.

In the spirit of Christmas, I wish you all the will to break free of your fears, even if just one step at a time.

I'm wearing a cape I made using BurdaStyle 12/2016 cape pattern from vintage wool upholstery fabric. Also wearing thrifted scarf, skirt and sweater and boots c/o RoseGal.

Photos by my Mum.
Jakoś w maju kumpel zagaił mnie przy ognisku, czy nadal ciągnę swoje postanowienie o niekupowaniu ubrań przez rok. Zmieszałam się, bo:
a) postanowienie wtedy już dawno umarło (a co z tego wynikło, można przeczytać tutaj)
b) zawsze czuję się niezręcznie, kiedy się dowiaduję, że znajomi czytują mojego bloga.
Wymamrotałam coś o tym, że dobra passa i pewność siebie się skończyły, jak przyszło zimno i trzeba było kupić płaszcz.

No i jakoś mi ten nieszczęsny płaszcz zapadł w pamięć. Przecież mogłam sobie uszyć. No niby mogłam. Ale z płaszczem to taki problem, że strach się zabierać tak bez przygotowania, bo jak już szyć, to tylko z porządnej wełny, no a taką wełnę szkoda zmarnować, gdyby się okazało, że skrewiłam. I tak chodziłam z tym płaszczem utkwionym gdzieś w okolicach tyłu głowy aż do teraz. Akurat w grudniowej Burdzie wydrukowali wykrój na pelerynę. Podreptałam wokół niej trochę i zdecydowałam, że peleryna to jakby wstęp do płaszcza, coś o podobnych funkcjach, lecz jednak łatwiejsze w wykonaniu. No i jak peleryna, to Czerwony Kapturek i inne takie. Wiecie, że to do mnie trafia.

No to uszyłam.

Najbardziej podobają mi się te patrzące na siebie ptaszki na karczkach przodu.

Przełamywania strachów, nawet pomalutku, życzę Wam w ten świąteczny czas. Howgh.

Ma na sobie pelerynę, którą uszyłam wg wykroju z Burdy 12/2016 z wełnianej obiciówki vintage. Poza tym szalik, spódnica i sweter z second handu, buty dzięki uprzejmości RoseGal.

Zdjęcia zrobiła moja Mama.