Outfit Inspiration: Poor girl but not blue

This outfit is among my favorites from last year, most probably because it includes two pieces that I'd sewn: one is the skirt and the other, the cropped sweater. The skirt is, sadly, way too large for me at the moment and I feel like I'm wearing a coffin around my hips in it. I find I wear the sweater way too rarely, though! It's a pretty piece and very warm too. I refashioned it from a huge and very unflattering on me men's sweater that was a found item. Goes to show that you can make a properly fitting piece of clothing out of, well, a lot of things, given enough fabric to work with.

Anyway, the inspiration for this outfit could easily have been an old fort like the one in the picture, overlooking the rough seas. Standing among the ancient walls, you can easily hear the water grumbling down below and the seagulls laughing in the sky. The scent of salt in the air is overwhelming as you watch the tall ships sail off into the distance.


Outfit: Put a bow on it

a corduroy dress I made, blouse c/o Shein, old flats, hat, vintage coat

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that I can rarely go without patterns, prints, embroideries and all kinds of other ornaments. They're my basics. There, I said it. Others have blue jeans and white tees as their basics --I can't go a day in my life without a busy print on my blouse. But check this out! Such a simple and plain outfit, not even a cable knit sweater in sight to add some chaos to the mix. Well, at least I have this embroidered bow. It works as a pin or a brooch or a necklace --and I don't need anything else to make this otherwise truly basic outfit look more me.

Wearing: a corduroy dress I made, blouse c/o Shein, old flats, hat, vintage coat.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit ideas: lovely things from forests unknown

It is this time of the year when I'd be most happy to bury myself under a cloak of snow somewhere far away in the mountains, in the middle of the woods, and I would literally hold my breath to listen to the sounds that the wilder lands make. Knowing I can not succumb to such wishes, I console myself doing the internet era equivalent of window shopping.

And so, being this state of mind, a few curious items caught my attention while I was browsing Dezzal earlier this week. They all seemed to have a common theme: that of a deep forest where you can find mystery and adventure and wild animals and --perhaps something more. They all came together nicely into pretty pairings like the ones I'm featuring here. So, let's spend a day --and a night --in the forest and see how that goes...

You could find yourself in the dead of night in the middle of the woods, able to experience its darkest secrets... it'd be smart to stay casual for the occasion, though, so a sweatshirt should do just fine, paired with a simple purse in a striking colour.

After spending a night in the forest, coming outside to a meadow at dawn to see the sunrise would be so calming! This fresh, breezy dress reminds me of mornings and dewy grasslands and the garnet of the ring is the drop of light of a rising sun.

Is it now time to stop and smell the flowers? Pick some maybe, and when you spot a deer in the distance, don't move, just watch. This blouse would scream "Spring!" if it weren't so delicate. Perhaps it whispers it. Oh, and the deer is pretty self-explainatory.

Time to gather your findings and go home. Pick the mushrooms growing by the road and you can have them for dinner later. The sun is slowly setting and it's getting a little cooler so a nice warm hoodie is a necessity. After a long day and night, you can warm in the safety of your cottage --and look, the bag even has 3D pillows on the bed!

By the way, there's an ongoing sale on Dezzal right now and you can get 25% off your purchases with code "Newyear2017" until February 10th.

P.S. Those who know what the title of this post is hinting at --I salute you.


Outfit: Been a while

handmade skirt, faux leather jacket, blouse, booties c/o RoseGal, old scarf

It's been a while since I've worn a flared skirt like this one. A staple that they were somehow turned into a style I find myself gravitating towards less and less often. So this outfit was a kind of a test to see if I can still pull them off. Can I? You be the judges.

Anyway, I made this skirt out of a stiffer kind of vintage cotton embroidered with small flower bouquets. I usually cling onto special fabrics like this and keep them hidden well so that they can be preserved for a time when I'm sure what I want to do with them. I always knew this piece was supposed to be a skirt, I just wasn't sure what kind of skirt. I took the plunge on a recent night and whipped up this simple gathered 3/4 circle skirt and it's just fine that way. I was too hasty to insert in seam pockets so as an afterthought there's a patch pocket in the front.

I have decided that since I'm not going to wear this skirt --I love it but it somehow doesn't suit my style --you can buy it off me if you like it! Waist measurement is 70 cm/27.5 in. Closes in the back with metal zipper and a button. It's $45 and I'm throwing in a separate slip because this one's unlined. If you're interested, just message me and we'll settle the details!

Wearing: skirt I made from vintage cotton. Also wearing: faux leather jacket, blouse, booties c/o RoseGal, old scarf.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit: Boy, was I mad

vintage skirt and shoes, old socks and cardigan and coat and blouse c/o SammyDress.

Boy, was I mad. The weather? Ugh. Don't even talk to me about that shit. Melting snow, grey skies, no light, ugly ugly ugly everything. I must have lived in the most despicable place on the planet that day. Where do you find a pretty backdrop for a pretty outfit in conditions like that? Huh? Finally we made it to this tiny alley overgrown with ivy, probably the only place around with some amount of colour. I'm not particularly fond of this alley because I once got shouted at for taking photos in there: the owner of a house behind the wall decided we weren't allowed to be there (!). Fearing another incident of the sort, we hurried and I was making grumpy faces and, just, you know? I hated being a blogger for a moment there. Stupid blog, stupid clothes, stupid photos. I almost threw a tantrum there! What! I know, I know, #bloggerproblems. I guess we all have those quirks and little pet peeves that just set us off grumbling, and those differ depending on your area of work. I'm just lucky my boyfriend is so patient with me.

I'm wearing a vintage skirt and shoes, old socks and cardigan and coat and blouse c/o SammyDress.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Brand spotlight: Datter Industries

Datter Industries

Kaye Blegvad is an illustrator and you can clearly see that in the immediatelly captivating sketchy quality of her jewellery designs. The strong lines, the narrative imagery... Looking at them, I am reminded of the illustrations from the childrens' books I grew up with. I'm especially taken with the slightly abstract wing earrings, they look like something I'd seen ages ago in one of the dusty, incense smoke filled medieval churches we used to visit on our sight seeing trips when I was a little girl...

You can see Kaye's work here and shop for her jewellery in her shop and on etsy.


Outfit inspiration: A bit of winter

Can you tell I'm stronly influenced by fairy tales when making my clothing choices? Well, this styling was no exception. I feel like a fearless heroine storming through the cold and wintery forest, hasty on her quest to find some hidden treasure. Aesthetically, I like mixing cold hues with warm ones from time to time... I do it as an excercise in style and it seems to work at times. If I was to re-wear this outfit, I'd probably stick to grey tights, though, to let the red on the dress and the green of the scarf play the first fiddle without anything distracting.

Oh, and this is probably my favorite dress I've ever sewn! It's also one of my first ones and it still makes me proud to look at it. I need to take it out of the closet again soon! Here are a few ways I've styled it in the past.


Sewing: Karolina's skirt

One of my lovely customers, after receiving her own skirt, called to ask me if I would sew a skirt for her best friend Karolina as a birthday gift. I was super happy to take part in a surprise like that! They visitd me together a few weeks later and after some excited debating (imagine three girls looking through vintage magazines and squealing at all the cute designs), we picked the right skirt pattern and fabric.

Here's Karolina in her new skirt now. Seeing her happily try it on was just so lovely! It's moments like this that make my day so much brighter. Thanks to both girls for letting me participate in creating the perfect birthdya gift!

Outfit idea: Up, up and away!

While I was browsing Modcloth recently, the hot air balloon print blouse turned my attention. Just how cute is that print? I then remembered the hot air balloon purse and the rest kind of added itself... I'm into strong and bold colours recently so I really like the contrast of blue dress (that lace print!) with the red cardigan.  The nicely thick navy blue coat calms everything down while the oxford shoes add a bit of class to the whole look. Add the kitty post earrings from Good Looking Objects and you're good to go on a date... or just coffee with your best friend.

Remember that if you're a new customer, you get 20% off your first order on Modcloth!


Outfit: If only to be a resolute man

Wearing: thrifted dress and purse, found cardigan, vintage blazer, Nord shoes (sold out), blouse c/o SammyDress, pin c/o West Park Creative.

As January progresses, the inevitable questions come flooding in like a gentle stream gone wild. New Year's resolutions. Do I have any?

I figure there are two ways to go about it: you either are a believer or you are not. Me? Well, while I both admire and scoff at the former, I am also a bit ashamed to be the latter. It's just that I know myself all to well to not fool myself with wishful thinking. In my case, sudden bursts of enthusiasm caused by the year turning, wane as soon as the first temperatures drop or the first rain falls or the moment I don't get enough sleep --see, anything's an excuse for me. I tried. I have succeeded in finding out that it won't work.

On a slightly more serious note, I have found my resolutions may not work because... well, because of my attitude. The way I formulate them, they just have to fail. Like, check out this list of potential resolutions.

1. Lose/maintain weight. No matter how much I currently like my body, I have always wished I was skinny and tiny. Oh, how I would like to be those couple of inches shorter... well, it's not happening, for obvious reasons. And as for dieting? I have lost about 6 kilos over the last half a year. I feel sturdy and big. Just like I felt when I was another 6 kilos ligther back in high school. So yeah. No matter if I succeed in reality, I acutally won't in my head.
2. Read more books. Oh yea, always could raise those smartness levels, right? I mean, I do read. I just never read enough, no matter how many books I finish in a year. You know the "never good enough" feeling? I have that with books. So yeah, again, not happening.
3. Get more social. Meet new people! Go to parties. Reach out to old friends... Well, at least see someone other than my customers and my family. Right. This is happening just as soon as I turn into an extrovert and not have to spend a hundred hours alone after going grocery shopping because of exhaustion with people.

Ok, ok, this wasn't totally serious. Just a bit maybe.

If you're a believer in resolutions, then I salute you. Let me know how you maintain your good attitude!

Wearing: thrifted dress and purse, found cardigan, vintage blazer, Nord shoes (sold out), blouse c/o SammyDress, pin c/o West Park Creative.

Photos by my boyfriend.