Outfit: Finally!

skirt I made from self-drafted pattern, thrifted cardigan and purse, blouse, loafers, vintage belt, pin

I'm exhaling a deep breath of relief here. After almost two months of full time winter, spring has finally sprung --and she did so spectacularly. We went from -10C last week to 12C today! I honestly couldn't wait for warmer temperatures to arrive and I've been feeling all antsy for winter to end, like I'd been trapped under ice and running out of air. Actually, when sudden snow hit us on Saturday --after a few days of thaw --I was heartbroken. We went to shoot an outfit outside and I just lost it: I could't imagine dropping my coat YET AGAIN in the damn cold. I mean, no way! I started to ask myself why I was even doing this! Why, for chrissakes, was I torturing myself every few days in all this cold and snow to reveal an outfit hidden under layers of coats and extra sweaters when all I really want to put on is a pair of jeans and the biggest jumper I can find --and never leave my home? This winter has been so bad to me!

We came back with no photos and as I was sitting on a bench, grumbling, trembling and waiting for the bus to come, I felt like I haven't blogged for myself in the longest time. I haven't been out to take photos by myself in months. I was forcing myself to blog everyday or nearly everyday, creating more and more content and getting exhausted by it. On top of that, a lot of what I've been showing lately were outfits composed around sponsored stuff --which I do like but it didn't feel right for this time and weather. I felt like there were too few outfits that were really me. Too much experimenting, too little doing what I know and enjoy. It felt like this new schedule sucked out all the fun from my usual carefree way of blogging.

If it hasn't been for this wonderful weather today, I would have taken a hiatus. But sometimes you just need to put on just the clothes you want to wear and go out on your own with your camera and your tripod and check out your favorite path in your favorite fields to get back on track. So I'm here. I might not update everyday but I'm not going anywhere.

Wearing a skirt I made from self-drafted pattern, 
blousethrifted cardigan and purse, loafers, vintage belt, moka pot pin.

All photos by myself.


Outfit: I made a wool skirt

skirt I made from thrifted wool, sweater c/o Shein, old blouse and beret and oxfords, vintage belt, beet pin

I can't remember when was the last time I showed you an outfit that was as casual and print-less as this one! To be honest, I think I kinda get lost easily in all the intricate embroideries and quirky prints and inventive cuts... and I often forget how a simple ensemble like this one feels like a breath of fresh air after all the excentric attire. Style can be a refuge but it can also be a bit suffocating at times. I think everything gets this way after a while of repeating, at least to me.

Anyway, I was keeping my eye on this style of skirt that's been popping up all round the blogosphere in the last year or two and I finally decided to make one like it for myself. Naturally, I leaned towards printed fabrics first... but after a while, I decided to go with this grey wool: warm and simple. Also scratchy, which meant I needed to add lining to the skirt, which I usually refrain from (I prefer using slips). All in all, I'm really happy with this little number and I would gladly make more of it, it's just such a pleasant design to sew up... if you want one, let me know! I can whip it up for you in any fabric --printed or solid --you like!

Wearing a skirt I made from thrifted wool, sweater c/o Shein, old blouse and beret and oxfords, vintage belt, beet pin

Photos by Karolina.


Outfit: 9 3/4

sweater I made, And Mary necklace, thrifted boots, jacket and scarf, dress c/o The Other Sparrows, locally bought beret

Ok, so we've basically just been playing around with speedlights on one February evening and I literally froze my toes off but at the same time these photos look like I've just arrived at Hogwarts so there's that. Also pay attention to my Helena Bohnam-Carter-esque styling a'la determined orphan coming to a big city. Mixing a lot of prints here but I think I could've pulled off even more for a more literal look. Oh well, another time!

Also just wanted to give you guys a heads up that this dress by The Other Sparrows is totally awesome: super soft cotton, fully lined, great details and impeccable finish. I can't remember the last time I wore a dress this well fitted. So if you were wondering if it's reasonable to get something from their site, I'd say it totally is. Sorry for not enough close up shots but as I said: I froze my toes off for these photos. And fingers too. This dress will be making more appearances on the blog, though, so I'll provide betted detail shots then!

Wearing a sweater I made, And Mary necklace, thrifted boots, jacket and scarf, dress c/o The Other Sparrows, locally bought beret.

Photos by my boyfriend and me.


Brand spotlight: Folkloriikka


Simone Toerien, the hands and eyes behind Folkloriikka, started her brand not so long ago and it soon let her quit her day job. No wonder! Just look at these dainty, beautiful pieces that are equal part quaint and adorable. The curled up mouse sleeping in her hole is as cute as two kissing rabbits and I can't imagine a better pair of earrings than the two foxes with their cunning stares. These pieces have everything I love in my jewellery: they feature woodland animals, they are cute and they are tiny. Their quality looks amazing with all the delicate detail --something I personally pay a lot of attention to.

I would have a hard time picking just one piece out of all these that I pictured here --and those are just my favorites! There's more available in Simone's etsy shop to go, check it out.


Outfit: Always In Love

dress I designed, constructed and sewed, bag, necklace c/o Good Looking Objects, old beret, Clarks flats (sold out)

I wore this dress on a Valentine's Day not just because it's cute and red and kinda reminds me of a heart shape with the frills placed the way they are, but also because it's an extra special piece: one that I designed, constructed and sewed myself, meaning I am the author of it from the beginning to the end.

Since we're on the topic of love this week, I can't mention sewing, for it is a true love for me. I often find new interests and I like to dabble in all things requring manual skills but ever since I tried sewing, I was seriously hooked. Over the years, it's become a true passion and something that I want to dedicate myself to fully. And believe you me, that is big coming from someone like me, who is always on the lookout for another new artisan thrill.

So far, though, I was fully dependent on commercial patterns: those I found online and those I bought in one form or another. I would dream of pieces that I'd like to make but if there was no pattern similar to my dream... well, I would find myself in a dead end. But I found a solution to this problem and I've recently attended a clothing construction course! It was the best thing I could ever do for my love of making clothes. As it turns out, a passion needs to be nurtured just like a relationship would. I find that adding new elements to my work and broadening my knowledge keeps me falling in love with what I do.

I can't tell you how happy I am that I can do all of the parts of a big process that making clothes is all on my own now. It is such a great relief to finally be fully independent from commercial patterns and their inevitable shortcommings... full creative freedom is what I'd been craving for a long while now! Now that I have it, I couldn't be happier.

I hope you all can focus on the pieces of the world that you love, whether they be your work, your hobby or people close to you! Happy Valentine's Day!

Wearing a dress I designed, constructed and sewed, bag, necklace c/o Good Looking Objects, old beret, Clarks flats (sold out)

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit inspiration: The lace blouse

Can you believe that the photos of this outfit were taken in March? With snow all over mid-February this year I'm pretty sure we still have ways to go before we can wear anything even mildly resembling these light layers... But I digress. The colours I used here were all in harmony, almost as if one was emerging from the other. It's easy to put together outfits based simply on analogous colours: which means they are all close to each other. In this case, I went from brighter to darker tones but kept them all in hues of pale warm pink to Banker-Miller pink to burgundy. You can read all about shades of pink here! It's fascinating how many hues there are and what they are called.

Also check out how many different patterns (meaning prints and embroideries) I included in there! They don't clash, though, because you can easily treat small florals as neutrals.


Outfit: Love is forever

Late For Tea dress in pink velvet (sample for sale, size S, please contact me if interested), 
old coat and socks, blouse c/o Romwe, beret from Rossmann, tiny rose earrings and scarf (both a gift), booties

In all this chill and cold (boy, it was really freakin' cold when we were taking these!) we get this one day that is supposed to bring out all the warmth that lay in our hearts. I guess it's as good an excuse as any to talk about love on the blog, too.

And that's quite a topic, no? To be honest, love's a feeling that's always been with me, in one form or another, and I don't think I've ever experienced anything in a larger range and known anything more multi-dimentional... It is a special feeling on its own but for me personally, it's my main drive. Whatever I do, I do out of, because of or for love. And while that sounds pretty darn poetic, I can assure you that it's really not.

Contrary to this sugary outfit, I don't believe love's all smiles and roses. Sure, there are moments of being in love with someone or something when everything seems to fall into place and I am just happy. Plain and simple. Which is beautiful as hell and I'm pretty sure there's nothing better in the world --that's probably why I crave it so.

But other than that, love is all things soft and hard: it's pain, it's blindness, it's rejection and denial. It can be a shameful thing and a part of myself that I hide to a fault. It is work and a duty and a quest for limitless patience. It's also everyday warmth and understanding and taking in of another person just the way they are: the biggest gift I could ever give or receive.

Most of all, though, I think it is knowing myself --that goes in line with the last sentence. I believe if we are to take someone in completely and unconditionally, we need to know ourselves. That is because no matter how much we love, we can never know another person fully. They are not us and we are not them. We need to know our boundaries as well as our personal wants and needs and we should not confuse those with the things that the other person wants and needs --nor should we try to impose on the other person what we think is good or bad for them. We may be together but we are separate identities with different experiences and requirements and hopes and dreams. So it's either in or out. There are no prerequisites and clauses or ifs and buts. Love should never be given as a reward just as much as it should never be taken away as a punishment. Either you love, or you don't. Mistakes happen. If there is love, love is forever.

Wearing the Late For Tea dress in pink velvet (sample for sale, size S, please contact me if interested in buying), old coat and socks, blouse c/o Romwe, beret from Rossmann, tiny rose earrings and scarf (both a gift), booties.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Remix: Grey sack dress

Outfits: 1, 2, 3, 4

I don't have many grey dresses and even less plain, non-printed ones. I just tend to go for all the things packed up in one piece. But it seems a plain grey dress goes a long way! I've been wearing this sack-shaped number on an off the blog all the time, it's just so comfortable and it goes with everything. If I was making it again, I'd go a size smaller, though. This one was a test garment that I liked enough not to make the 'real' dress out of some printed (of course) fabric. But it does have a little too much body. Can't wait to sew up another version! I have a cute printed corduroy with thin wale that would fit perfectly, I think...


Outfit Idea: Date night

My boyfriend and I don't really celebrate the Valentine's Day. I'm not sure why. Deep down inside, I'm quite a romantic! I guess it's just hard for me to show it so maybe that's why. Anyway, I've been daydreaming about possible outfits that I'd like to wear for the occasion, had I the chance to don something special and, to my own surprise, I actually leaned towards something rather simple yet ladylike. Definitely some deep and saturated hues would be my base but I'd also add something bright to lighten up the whole outfit. The only statement piece in my dream outfit would be a bold necklace, perhaps something a bit sparkly but still using the same colours as the other pieces.